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It also increases the strength of the muscles, in order to improve physical fitness. This is necessary to be able to return to activities such as, cooking, housework, prayers Salah and work.

The knee joint is highly loaded during daily life. If each posture has been performed correctly then the individual may prevent knee problems. Some pray at a very fast pace, this way they are harming their knees, even when standing sometimes they put pressure on one foot more than the other, overload can lead to more joint problems. Movement in prayer if done in the proper position can prevent, treat and rehabilitate a number of diseases. If prayer is practiced to perfection, this practice may nourish the heart, strengthen the kidney, treat impotence for men, improve the quality of sex and genital muscle recovery neurotherapy-of-christian-brain, [13].

The body goes through a unique exercise routine during the Salah therefore these postures help to maintain fitness in the healthy individuals [6], leading to improved flexibility, muscle strength ability of muscle to exert force and muscle endurance refers to the ability to perform many repetition [8]. Over the years many have suggested that the Islamic prayer contains benefits associated with yoga and however it would be more correct to say that these health regimes incorporate many of the health benefits contained in the prayer [2].

If performed properly and regularly, the praying postures can also be very useful to aid rehabilitation in a variety of conditions. As part of spiritual act, the doers also perform slow and moderate exercise at the same time which could benefit their health. Public health awareness is crucial in order to gain maximum physical health benefit associated with Prayer Postures among the Muslim population.

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Further studies are required to help the healthcare providers to formulate an effective exercise program for patients with medical considerations that may interfere with prayer posture. Submit a Manuscript. See guidelines and policies. Figure 1: Takbir. Figure 2: Qayyam.

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Bioenergetics of Islamic Prayers, measuring the amount of oxygen and calories the physical movements of the prayers burned. National Task Force Chairperson. A Preliminary Report. Int Medical J Malaysia.

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    In addition to robust programs that provide housing assistance, employment, educational support, and business opportunities, the church has a comprehensive health initiative that helps improve access to fresh food, physical activity, and medical care for its low- to moderate-income members. On the food side, the initiative includes a food truck that hands out 40, healthy meals focused on a plant-based diet; planting high-yield fruit trees in the neighborhood; and building an organic fishery on church property to provide sustainably raised, hyper-local food. To get people moving, the church offers a walking prayer session every morning, a gymnasium and fitness center, and plenty of group activities like boxing, dancing, drill teams, table tennis, basketball and more.

    A health ministry of nearly 40 nurses and doctors, all members of the congregation, volunteer their time to help educate fellow parishioners about health issues and chronic diseases. Challenges might include memorizing scripture, making friends with a new neighbor, drinking more water, doing 20 sit ups every day, trying a new fruit, posting a photo of you and your family exercising, holding hands with your wife, or thanking veterans at the VFW for their service. Since it started two years ago, more than men from 41 churches have gone through the program and emerged — according to their partners and the men themselves — as better men all around.

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