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It went past the parliament building and made its way through the entire city. Several people were wounded at the Marshal Tito army barracks. Hey, Diary! You know what I think? Since Anne Frank called her diary Kitty, maybe I could give you a name too. What about:. I'm thinking, thinking. I've decided! Dear Mimmy, It's almost half-term. We're all studying for our tests. Tomorrow we're supposed to go to a classical music concert at the Skenderija Hall. Our teacher says we shouldn't go because there will be 10, people, pardon me, children, there, and somebody might take us as hostages or plant a bomb in the concert hall.

Mommy says I shouldn't go.


So I won't. Monday, April 6, Dear Mimmy, Yesterday the people in front of the parliament tried peacefully to cross the Vrbanja bridge. But they were shot at. Her blood spilled onto the bridge. In her final moments all she said was: "Is this Sarajevo? Since yesterday people have been inside the B-H parliament. Some of them are standing outside, in front of it. We've moved my television set into the living room, so I watch Channel I on one TV and "Good Vibrations" on the other: Now they're shooting from the Holiday Inn, killing people in front of the parliament.

And Bokica is there with Vanja and Andrej. Maybe we'll go to the cellar. You, Mimmy, will go with me, of course. I'm desperate. It was tough.

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Oh God! They're shooting again!!!

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Dear Mimmy, I'm not going to school. All the schools in Sarajevo are closed. There's danger hiding in these hills above Sarajevo. But I think things are slowly calming down.

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The heavy shelling and explosions have stopped. There's occasional gunfire, but it quickly falls silent. Mommy and Daddy aren't going to work. They're buying food in huge quantities. Just in case, I guess. God forbid! Dear Mimmy, Today was truly, absolutely the worst day ever in Sarajevo. The shooting started around noon. Mommy and I moved into the hall. Daddy was in his office, under our apartment, at the time. We told him on the intercom to run quickly to the downstairs lobby where we'd meet him.

The gunfire was getting worse, and we couldn't get over the wall to the Bobars', so we ran down to our own cellar. The cellar is ugly, dark, smelly.

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Mommy, who's terrified of mice, had two fears to cope with. The three of us were in the same corner as the other day. We listened to the pounding sheels, the shooting, the thundering noise overhead. We even heard planes. At one moment I realized that this awful cellar was the only place that could save our lives. Suddenly, it started tolook almost warm and nice. When the shooting died down a bit, Daddy ran over to our apartment and brought us back some sandwiches. He said he could smell something burning and that the phones weren't working.

He brought our TV set down to the cellar. That's when we learned that the main post office was on fire and that they had kidnapped our President. Thursday, May, 7, I was almost positive the war would stop, but today. A lot of people were hurt.

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Dado, Jaca and her mother have come home from the hospital, Selma lost a kidney but I don't know how she is, because she's still in the hospital. A piece of shrapnel lodged in her brain and she died. She was such a sweet, nice, little girl. We went to kindergarten together, and we used to play together in the park.

It is possible I'll never see Nina again? Nina, an innocent eleven-year-old little girl-the victim of a stupid war.

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I feel sad. I cry and wonder why? She didn't do anything. A disgusting war has destroyed a young child's life.

Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo

Nina, I'll always remember you as a wonderful little girl. Dear Mimmy,. You know, Mimmy, we've had no water or electricity for ages.

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  7. When I go out and when there's no shooting it's as if the war were over, but this business with the electricity and water, this darkness, this winter, the shortage of wood and food, brings me back to earth and then I realize that the war is still on. They are reading. Zlata went from having a "normal" childhood and then all of that changed and she had to adapt.

    Our students' lives haven't been impacted as abruptly as Zlata's has in regard to war, so their everyday is pretty routine. Login to rate this Glog. Login to comment on this Glog. Zlata's Diary. Instructional Strategies for Teaching The adolescent experience during wartime Bosnia was non-existant.

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