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I misunderstood the feelings for most of my life. Knowing the difference between them is as stunning as experiencing both. Infatuation is a moment of getting carried away by a toxic and addictive love, and it usually happens at the start of a relationship while the sexual attraction is strong. On the other hand, love is feeling a strong sense of affection for someone else. Love is more of an emotion. What exactly is infatuation? When infatuated with someone, you become lost in the emotion of a toxic desire. There is anxiety, nervousness, urgency, intensity, you make risky decisions, and abandon things and people you value.

You make this commitment to satisfy your overwhelming lust. The sex makes you high like using recreational drugs because it gives you a sense of euphoria. You take risks to take that next hit. In the relationship, you feel empty and experience the consequences of the decisions you made while under the influence to numb yourself with the temporary lustful euphoria. Your brain chemistry controls you instead of your heart.

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You lose the ability to make smart decisions. You have an intense passion for being close to your partner at every moment. Your relationship moves too fast, but you know deep down that something is not right. Infatuation is not real, and it is only a short fix like drugs. Infatuation is an extreme passion, love, or admiration that is foolish. It can be a temporary love of a teen, and it is also an object of an extravagant fleeting desire.

What is true love? Love is a strong feeling of intense affection. With true love, you are faithful, confident, loyal, and you are willing to make sacrifices for your partner. You work toward settling differences and can win on both sides. You listen to each other and are committed with sincere motives. You discuss and work out the necessary goals. True love contains much selflessness with gentle assertiveness. Your partner is your best friend, and they start out being your best friend before the relationship begins. The connection is a safe haven with peace and firmness that has a healthy environment to raise happy and confident children.

While there is something of a science to the romantic and sexual partners we choose, at the end of the day, attraction is still completely unique to each of our individual makeups and preferences. Anthropologist Helen Fisher, who has studied love and dating extensively, explains that we each have individual "love maps" that determine who we gravitate towards.

Short Love Story ♥ Me & You

Some people get turned on by a business suit or a doctor's uniform, by big breasts, small feet, or a vivacious laugh," Fisher writes in Psychology Today , adding, "But averageness still wins. Fisher cites a study in which participants selected faces of 32 women, and used a computer program to make their features look more average.

Then, they showed these photos as well as 94 photos of real female faces to a group of college students.

The Secret Story Behind Your Romantic Attractions | Psychology Today

Only four of the photographs of real female faces were rated as more attractive than the "averaged" faces. As Fisher suggests, while individuals and cultures have their own standards for what they consider attractive, there are some fairly universal qualities that we all look for, including a clear complexion, symmetrical faces, wide hips for women , and a general appearance of health and cleanliness.

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Attraction, like romantic love, works in mysterious ways. We fall in love at first "smell. Men can detect a fertile woman. Women quickly assess markers of masculinity. The Pill might change a woman's preference in men. But personality is important, too. Who we're attracted to is still a very individual matter.

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Join HuffPost Plus. Carolyn Gregoire. Women in abusive relationships, for example, often stay because they do not believe that other relationships will improve life Simpson, Happiness in relationships comes from a balance between inputs and rewards, so we are content when our social relationships are perceived to be equitable.

On the other hand, our sense of fairness is disturbed when we are exploited and others take advantage of us. Workers who are paid very little while working very hard feel the unfairness or imbalance between input and reward, especially when others benefit from their hard work. These feelings of injustice constituted the original motivation of the workers movement, the trade unions, and the workers political parties.

At dinnertime do all the children get the same size piece of pie, do we distribute the food in an equitable manner? Equality is the main determinant of our evaluation of the outcome among friends and in family interactions Austin, When people perceive unfairness or inequity they will try to restore the balance. For example, if you work for a low wage you may get together with others who are unfairly treated as well and seek more compensation.

You may also cognitively adjust by reasoning that there are no alternatives, and that you are lucky to have any income at all.

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Then you can use cognitive strategies to change your perception of unfairness. If neither of the strategies bring satisfaction, then it is time to quit and look for some other career. In intimate relationships satisfaction is also determined to some degree by equity Sprecher, For example, how to distribute the household work fairly is an important issue for many young couples. Gender ideology plays a role in relationship satisfaction. Feminist ideology historically reacted to the great unfairness brought on by discrimination toward women at home and at work.

In a world of scarce resources there are always decisions that may favor only one party. The power balance decides to what degree either partner in an intimate relationship can influence the feelings, thoughts and behaviors of the other partner. Are all decisions made mutually? How do partners come to an agreement about what type of decision-making is fair and equitable? What determines power in a relationship? Social norms about gender behavior are a powerful determinant. The man historically had total control over wife and children. Today similar traditional patterns continue throughout the world.

There is even the very famous case of a princess in the Saudi Arabian royal family who was executed by orders of her grandfather.

What Is Romantic Attraction How To Recognize And Better Understand It

In the western world these traditional gender roles are giving way to more equitable relations in society and in the family. Partners may have different resources. When the man has resource advantages, he also tends to be more dominant. When the wife earns at least 50 percent of the household income, there is more equitable power sharing.

Power is also partly based on the feelings of dependency within the relationship Waller, When one partner is more dependent, the other has more power.